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Wedding photo 30/33Are you looking for a wedding photographer for your big day? Most people will agree, there is a special art to wedding photography. To take amazing photos time and time again doesn’t come by fluke, it comes by years of practice and a lot of investment in camera technology.

And for you, it’s not just about the amount of time and effort that goes into a wedding, or the money spent that makes finding a great photographer a must for your wedding day. It’s about capturing the smiles and the happiness. Having that immortal record of loved ones and friends all together under one roof, just to celebrate with you.

Wedding photos make those memories tangible for years to come. Seeing your wedding through the life of the lens brings you another perspective. You may have missed the joke you saw your friends roaring with laughter at, or been busy greeting guests when your youngest bridesmaid hit the dance floor to a chorus of ‘ahhhhs’ – but your photographer wont have. He won’t have missed that tear or look of pride on your family’s face as you said your vows either.

So that is why is really important you choose the best wedding photographer for you.

Take a look through my wedding gallery – packed full of some of my personal favourite photos – to get an idea of my photography style. If you like what you see, read on below and get in touch to talk about your big day.





Booking your wedding photographer

Each photographer will have a different style and it’s really important you choose the right wedding photographer for you. Your photos need to be representative of who you are as a couple. Your photos also need to capture the day in the way you want.

While we all have those ‘classic’ posed wedding photos – it’s pretty much law nowadays – I specialise in capturing moments when people least expect it. Those natural photographs when people are not aware the camera is on them, when they have nothing to hide and you can see the genuine emotion shine through.

If you like what you see in my photo gallery above, then get in in touch for a friendly and informal chat via mobile or email. You can also fill in the form at the bottom of the page and I’ll get right back to you as soon as I can.

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